A song for the moon 2021

Fruit of the meeting with the dutch composer Mathilde Wantenaar and the dramaturge Willem Bruls, this project is based on a novel of Toon Tellegen. The story of a mole who wants to cheer up the moon by writing a song to him, getting out of his own loneliness.
This project is supported by the Enoa partners, european programm for youn artists, like Dutch National Opera, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie and the festival of Aix-en-Provence, as well as Opera Zuid. We work on this new family opera since 2018, and due to the covid crises the premiere is reported on 25th of February in Amsterdam.

Götz Friedrich Studio Preis 2014

Götz Friedrich Award 2014 at the Deutsch Oper Berlin for the stage direction of Jakob Lenz at the Opera of Cologne. Best chamber opera stage direction 2014.

<p>©Armin Bardel</p> <p>©Armin Bardel</p> <p>©Armin Bardel</p>


19/12/2021 - 23/01/2022