opera director

La voix humaine/ L’heure espagnole

Francis Poulenc/ Maurice Ravel

Press Reviews

“At first glance, La voix humaine and L’heure espagnole are not the most obvious combination. A deeply human drama about the end of a relationship coupled with a trifle about a lusty housewife seems asking for trouble. But that is beyond the inventiveness of director Béatrice Lachaussée and dramaturge Willem Bruls. They recognize a universal yearning for true love in the two female protagonists and smoothly wrap their staging around it.”

THEATERKRANT - Thea Derks, 15/11/2020

“Here too, the Franco-German director Béatrice Lachaussée, with a masterly hand and a keen eye for detail, managed to make the action flow from the text and the music.”

DE LIMBURGER- Maurice Wiche, 15/11/2020


Live-streamed Première on the 14th of November 2020
Opera Zuid coproduced by the N.O.F (Nouvel Opera Fribourg in Switzerland)

Musical director Karel Deseure
Director Béatrice Lachaussée
Set Amber Vandenhoeck
Costume design Jorine van Beek
Light design Glen D’haenens
Dramaturge Willem Bruls
Assistant director Lauriane Tissot
Assistant conductor Bas van Yperen (stagiaire)
Orchestra philharmonie zuidnederland

Coproduction between Opera Zuid and Nouvel opera de Fribourg

LA VOIX HUMAINE, Francis Poulenc

Elle Talar Dekrmanjian// Sophie Marilley


Torquemada Gilles Ragon
Concepción Romie Estèves // Sophie Marilley
Ramiro Michael Wilmering
Don Iñigo Gomez Alexandre Diakoff
Gonzalve Peter Gijsbertsen // Alexander Sprague