Biedermann and the arsonists

Šimon Voseček

Fire raisers are making trouble in a town. Gottlieb Biedermann (Mister Bourgeois) is reading the newspaper. He wishes these criminals to be hanged. Though Biedermann betrays his principles as soon as the fire raisers enter his home by faking politeness and friendship.

Producted by the Neue Oper Wien

Premiere on Tuesday the 17th of September 2013/ 95 Minutes

Place Fine arts academy of Vienna (Semperdepot)
Léhargasse 6, 1060 Vienne
Performance on the 19., 21. and 22nd of September 2013

Gottlieb Biedermann Stephen Chaundy
Babette Biedermann Barbara Zamek-Gliszcynska
Anna Katharina Tschakert
Josef Schmitz Tomasz Pietak
Wilhelm Maria Eisenring Till von Orlowsky
Fireman 1/The Police Officer Harald Wurmsdobler
Fireman 2 Christian Kotsis
Fireman 3 Frédéric Pfalzgraf

Orchestra Das Amadeus Ensemble-Wien

Conductor Walter Kobéra
Director Béatrice Lachaussée
Stage designer Dominique Wiesbauer
Costume designer Nele Ellegiers
Light design Norbert Chmel
Make up artist Diego Rojas-Ortiz