opera director

La voix humaine/ L’heure espagnole

Francis Poulenc/ Maurice Ravel

“At first glance, La voix humaine and L’heure espagnole are not the most obvious combination. A deeply human drama about the end of a relationship coupled with a trifle about a lusty housewife seems asking for trouble. But that is beyond the inventiveness of director Béatrice Lachaussée and dramaturge Willem Bruls. They recognize a universal yearning for true love in the two female protagonists and smoothly wrap their staging around it.”

THEATERKRANT - Thea Derks, 15/11/2020

“Here too, the Franco-German director Béatrice Lachaussée, with a masterly hand and a keen eye for detail, managed to make the action flow from the text and the music.”

DE LIMBURGER- Maurice Wiche, 15/11/2020