La voix humaine // L’heure espagnole

14th of November 2020

Due to the corona crises, this performance planed as a tour in Holland theaters will be filmed in studio and projected as live-streaming in theaters and cinemas.

These two pieces are at the same time opposite and similar, in la Voix we see a woman alone in her room, she discusses for the last time with her ex-lover, which she still loves. It’s the piece of the absence and the desire frustrated. It’s an intimate drama about loosing a loved one. In l’Heure espagnole we are dealing with a frustrated desire of a married woman who is in the middle of a man trio, desiring and being desired, the multiple choice faces her with the lack of love in her relationships. She wants to escape it.

Coproduced by Nouvel Opera de Fribourg, 27th of December.